NZ Lotteries Commmission Digital Menu Boards

NZ Lotteries Commmission Digital Menu Boards

NZ Lotteries sought to utilise the highly digital medium of LCD screens to replace static menu boards in their top performing stores throughout NZ.  They wanted to provide two options - a standard landscape menu board consisting of a 47" LCD screen and a smaller portrait 42" screen.

Coupled with this screen was a custom designed media player from SurVue USA designed to play the high level graphics intended to be used for the menu board.  The menu board content was developed in parallel with the hardware.  The digital platform gave the ability for the content to be updated daily and be customised for each day of the week targeting the next major draw.  The ability to display high motion graphics made the menu board a powerful tool capture customer attention and deliver key messaging quickly.

JCY developed the design and assemblage to house and mount the menu board element.  There were many add-on hardware elements that had to be accommodated and specific clearances and ventilation requirements for running of the media driver.  The screen itself was not to be on display.

The resulting design had to sit beside and reflect the design direction of the new Generation 4 design.  The final menu board design utilises an MDF Meltica backing board to assist mounting and is routed to provide a specific location for all the hardware elements. The screen is then mounted over with a formed and paint lacquer finished plastic surround encasing the display screen.  The generous side returns shield the equipment whilst allowing convection ventilation.

Various mounting options were developed to allow the menu boards to be incorporated into various environments.

The digital menu boards were installed into NZLC's top 620 stores and have resulted in tangible increases in sales at all POS locations. This was the largest digital roll out in NZ, and one of the largest globally per head of capita.

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