As architects we are in part responsible for the depletion for many of the world’s resources. Globally the Building Industry is responsible for up to 60% of the depletion of the world’s non-renewable resources. It is therefore imperative as architects and agents for developers that we develop and promote responsible behaviour towards sustainability of these resources and protect them for the generations to come.

Much is said and preached about ‘Green Architecture’ and indeed the notion and practice of green architecture is widely claimed. We are however faced with what has become known as ‘green washing’ and indeed often products, systems; producers etc are not always as environmentally friendly as they claim.

JCY strive within the constraints of budget and practicality to include environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles in our projects. Materials and equipment for our architecture is sourced from the closest sustainable resources. JCY are focused on the conservation of water and energy in the operation of our buildings. To date we have completed numerous commercial buildings rated 4 star and 5 star under NZGBC Green Star system and continue to expand our understanding of sustainable design and architecture and to utilise ESD techniques in our projects.