NZ Lotteries Commission Gen 4 & Gen 5 Designs

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NZ Lotteries Commission Gen 4 & Gen 5 Designs

In 2011 the NZLC Gen 4 retail upgrade project design was undertaken and the rolled out during 2012. The brief was to create an updated environment in store that brought the NZ Lotteries brands to life in a way that inspired and motivated players and would make the purchase decision simple and hassle free. This would be the next generation Lotto store following on from JCY’s 2004 pod design.  Over 930 stores will be upgraded.

In 2015 the Gen 5 retail upgrade design was undertaken alongside Retail Dimension during 2015 and rolled out during 2016.  Many functional considerations had to be taken into account - the pre-determined retailer counter cut-out, joinery ergonomics for the retail customer and maximising product sightlines.  The design uses a simple palate of NZLC’s corporate colours while adding the new NZLC ‘Wahoo’ logo, located front and centre of the LED illuminated front panel.

JCY worked alongside NZLC and Price Waterhouse Cooper to develop a robust Request for Proposal document, for international tenders to manufacture the Gen 5 elements for a nationwide roll out to replace the earlier Gen 4 design.  JCY assisted with the rigorous evaluation process enabling the most suitable partner to manufacture for a nationwide replacement strategy.  

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