Villa 'totoka' Vomo

Villa 'totoka' Vomo

Villa Totoka is to be a place of sanctuary, peace, privacy and reflect the islands beauty. Villa Totoka to be contained under one roof and to function as one single Key.   


Villa spatial plan layout of Villa Totoka in the form of a concave ‘C’.  This inverted Villa layout form provides privacy and sanctuary to the central spaces with the main deck, pool, sunken conversation pit and covered outdoor dining space at the centre.  The Villa orientation and outlook view orientated to the northwest, towards the Yasawa islands. 


Three large 40 degree sloped Dutch gable roof forms sit atop the bedrooms and ancillary spaces in the north / south axis.  Bedroom and main living area roof forms are exposed rafters with exposed ties providing generous voluminous skillion ceilings to these spaces.  Flat membrane roofs link and envelop these main skillion roof forms.


Villa entry access is via a raised ‘bridge’ walkway elevated above the entrance landscaping each side.  A flat roof projects over the entry walkway bridge defining the entry and providing weather protection.   Entry to the Villa is into the central main living area with its large kitchen and central feature island bench.  Emanating from this central is the master bedroom and two other bedrooms.  All with ensuites and private outdoor shower and bath areas.  A media room to the south of the villa provides entertainment on overcast days.


The front northern feature deck has a sunken seating space with gas firepit beside the pool access.  Adjacent to this sunken seating space is a covered outdoor dining seating zone with wrap around built in seating, providing a space to interact with guests the pool and sunken fire pit.  The villa contains powder room, general storage cupd’s and personal storage space.


 Large stacking sliders to all northern spaces open out onto the main northern decks.  Generous areas of decking continue north each side of the pool off the main deck creating pockets of spaces for more secluded and private seating. 


The design of Villa Totoka is a distinctive and private Villa functioning as a single key under one roof that projects its own personality, whilst acknowledging the context of its local island surroundings.

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