Five Mile Queenstown Stage 3

Five Mile Queenstown Stage 3

The stage 3 development at Five Mile Queenstown on the Frankton Flats involves the provision of one further five story office building known as Building 8 and the revision of the visitor accommodation offering of Building 7 (previously consented as part of stage 2).

While the initial masterplan, concept, Resource Consent and stage 1 of the works on site were by others, JCY have evolved this concept and tailored the masterplan and amended the Resource Consent to suit the proposed tenants and the end use of the buildings and the centre.

Building 8 comprises 4 stories of approx. 4050m2 of office space above the GFL retail podium of approx. 920m2.  The retail spaces are targeting food and hospitality but have been designed with flexibility in mind so as to not preclude other retail offering(s). 

This building is set to the south of the existing retail loop and abuts Grant Road to the east.  The continuation of the ‘geological strata’ aesthetic of the previous buildings has been employed with similar materiality and forms.  This building was completed mid 2019.

Building 7 comprises a ground floor retail offering of some 2700m2 of retail space completing the loop of the LFR retail centre.  Atop the retail podium sits a hotel offering some 70 rooms and suites.  This visitor accommodation offering is currently comprised of one bed rooms, studios, 2 bed rooms and 3 bed suites.

The revision of this visitor accommodation offering was devised in order to provide a greater variation of accommodation offering in order to make this building more attractive and sustainable to a potential operator

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